Reporting with modeling tools can be quite painful: Basic scripting, more than enough SQL commands and other technical handicaps inhibit users from producing nice looking and cogent reports. Using business intelligence (BI) concepts, development and deployment costs are efficiently reduced.  The same holds true for the considerable efforts associated with Enterprise Architecture (EA) or Business Architecture (BA) reports.

BPM-X Reporting Services tool is a web-based reporting technology which employs templates with predefined data queries and sophisticated export layouts to supply high usability for business users.

Conveniently, business users can directly access the reports online using Internet Explorer without any required workstation deployment. Organizations can distribute analytic reports to business users eliminating  extra costs for end user licenses.

With the help of the BPM-X universal model translator, all leading EA, BPA, GRC and BPM(S) applications, repositories or databases are connected to the Reporting Services.

Reporting and analysis of enterprise architecture and business process models are now able to present a comprehensive picture quickly.  Sophisticated report templates with predefined data queries and great report layouts supply business users with information they can consume. The unique concept of the domain data layer very much simplifies the underlying repository data model.  read more about this technique in the blog post Domain specific reporting on Enterprise Architecture model data to simplify the architects daily work.

The use of BI-technologies in this web-based solution simplifies reporting and lowers the costs for data analytics on the enterprise level. Report deliverables are generated on the server side using HTML, PDF, XML or Office output formats to be used further in Microsoft Excel® or Word®.

Being BI-based, this solution facilitates the inclusion of model and diagram data from a large variety of enterprise applications and business domains via Reporting Services. In this manner, reports on business process models are flexible and can be enhanced e.g. with process performance data.

At this point, the slogan “BI meets BPM” comes to real life.

Universal Reporting Services for Model Repositories
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