Our sales team receives a lot of inquiries to generate test-cases from existing business process models for model-based testing using tools like Excel®, JIRA® or HP ALM for test management. Besides Visio®, Enterprise Architect® and ARIS®, new configurations for IBM® Rational® System Architect, CaseWise Corporate Modeler® and others like OpenText® ProVision are on the way to expand the trial offering.

Model-based testing implements a process-driven methodology to leverage business process models for generating test-cases linked with requirements and to feed test platforms like Atlassian JIRA® or HP ALM® with test cases. This approach very much speeds-up test-case preparation, significantly increases application delivery quality and minimizes risks of project failures (over budget and time) as specifications are used to automatically generate objective test-cases instead of using outdated and limited templates.

Overview to model-based testing
Overview to model-based testing

The BPM-X testing solution bridges and aligns the solution design with the IT application solution delivery by re-using existing process models. The process models are loaded into the test-case generator and analyzed to generate possible paths through a model. There is no need for re-keying or importing diagrams into a new, technical test-case design environment with a lot of training efforts. Instead the organization continues to use their familiar and featured tools and standards. This approach implements a more business focused, agile test environment using the existing tools for describing the test cases by process models and bridging to existing test environments.

The BPM-X solution is really agnostic to model and testing tools as well as modeling standards and formats. This results in an enormous number of solutions for the specific modeling tools and testing environments. Based on requests the product team has initially promoted several trial download packages and will provide further configurations according to the demands from customers and partners.

Please request your individual trial software by sending an email to sales@transwareag.com and specify the tools for modeling and testing that are used by your organization.


Trial software for model-based testing using process models from Microsoft Visio, Sparx Enterprise Architect and ARIS is now available
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One thought on “Trial software for model-based testing using process models from Microsoft Visio, Sparx Enterprise Architect and ARIS is now available

  • July 28, 2016 at 08:06

    we are running a pilot of visio 2010 and 2013 to see if these tools can inter-operate with HP ALM quality center ver. 12 for importation of business process models created in these tools- and imported into quality center. We understand that you have a plug-in to visio that can convert files created in these tools to a format that is compatible with HP ALM quality center ver. 12.


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